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Youth Climbing Club

climbing  The Fall 2019 Session is currently on hold.  More information will be available soon.  


Climbers will be divided into two climbing groups based on age, interest and ability during the opening class following the parent's overview and orientation. 

Billy Goats | Ages 6-10

This climbing group is for younger climbers seeking to develop their interest in and passion for the sport while making new social bonds with fellow youth climbers. In this group, an emphasis on building social skills through climbing development, having fun, and enjoyment of the process will be our primary focus. 

This group is for climbers ages 6-10. Older students are welcomed, if they desire a social focus. Much like Billy Goats that live in the vertical and enjoy grazing the hillside, these climbers will have a casual training experience that supports dabbling in the art of training for climbing. 

Spider Monkeys | Ages 9-10, 11-12 and 13+

This climbing group has a main objective of developing a whole climber from the ground up. Emphasis in this group will include physical conditioning, mental training aspects of climbing, and active use of journaling and other guided reflection to develop the whole climber in mind, body and spirit. Of course themes of fun, socialization and celebrating together will be integral to the Spider Monkeys. 

This group will focus on the outcome of being a better enhanced overall person because they climb, while knowing that achieving improvement at climbing is the path we will walk to get there. This group will be further sub-divided into Older and Younger Spider Monkeys to pair fellow climbers in training groups equitable with their physical and developmental ranges. The two age groups are: 9-10 and 11-12.    
A 13+ category is also offered for teens that wish to become Spider Monkeys.

Spider Monkeys can be found hopping hillsides, climbing stone walls, and can't seem to get enough! This group will embrace your child's internal drive, excitement for the vertical, and mentor them in honing their passion and energy as the Spider Monkey cohort bonds together on ropes and boulders while they train together and share their successes as a team! 

For more information, contact Corrine via email at

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