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Wall Access

Bouldering | Open Access

Bouldering is climbing horizontally and vertically underneath the yellow twelve foot line without being attached to a rope. Bouldering allows the individual to climb without a partner or the confinement of a rope so they are free to move easily in all directions. Bouldering problems (taped climbing paths) are set on a weekly basis and holds are moved around to offer variations in the climbing terrain for individuals just learning to boulder as well as seasoned veterans. In order to boulder at the WVU wall, patrons need to read and understand the rules of the wall. Bouldering can occur any time the SRC is open.

Rope Climbing | Try-Climb or Become a Belayer

Rope Climbing involves at least two people. One person is the belayer and one the climber. The climber ties themselves into the rope and climbs vertically up the wall. The belayer holds the rope and catches the climber in case of a fall as well as lowers them to the ground. Rope climbing routes are set on a monthly to bimonthly basis.

Climbing Options:

  • Try-Climb
    • A member of the climbing wall staff can give you a try-climb if you have never climbed at the climbing wall before. A try-climb is a one time try of climbing on a rope to see if you are interested in the sport and want to take the next step. There is no fee involved in try-climbing but try-climbing is limited if there is not enough staff present or the climbing wall is too busy.
    • Additional staff are available on Fridays from 5-8pm during fall and spring semesters for try-climbing.
  • Recruit a Belayer
    • Find a person who is a WVU belayer (has passed the WVU belay test) to belay you. You and the belayer can come in to climb any day that the climbing wall has rope climbing hours. Individuals who have experience belaying can take a belay test to become a WVU belayer. The belay test is free.
  • Become a Belayer
    • For a novice climber who wants to gain the basic skills, there is a belay class offered at the climbing wall. This class teaches people to belay so that they can belay other individuals up the climbing wall. Upon completion of the belay class a person must wait until at least the next day, after which you may take the Belay Skills Test. Commonly, belayers pair up so that one can climb while the other belays and then they trade so they both can climb. The belay class involves a fee of $12.00 and can be registered for here.

Children Climbing at the Wall

Children can climb at the climbing wall but must be constantly monitored. (Building policy states that all children age 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult). Children can boulder on the bottom part of the wall or the bouldering cave while a parent spots them. If a parent is a WVU Climbing Wall belayer they can belay their children when the ropes are down. 

Climbing Equipment

Participants can use their own harness and shoes at the climbing wall. Participants must use the climbing wall’s belay devices, carabiners, and ropes for climbing.

Climbing harnesses, helmets and shoes are available to climbers free of charge. They may be picked up at the climbing wall desk when you sign in. For those people who want shoes for bouldering hours when the climbing wall desk is not staffed, you can also check out shoes at the SRC front desk.

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